Let the virtual team bonding games begin!

Advanced Knowhow / 17 September 2020

Let the virtual team bonding games begin!

When Covid-19 restrictions were introduced in March 2020, a mass wave of individuals found themselves transitioning into what was meant to be a temporary, and is now an extended, period of working from home.

Although working from home comes with its perks, it also has its disadvantages. Especially for teams that are very integrated, the transition to working from home can lead to a loneliness and isolation if left unchecked. Working from home can diminish the fun, social aspects of being in the workplace, one of which is connecting with peers and engaging in office banter. 

To help you overcome isolation and connect with your team, we've put together some fun virtual games that you could try out with your team!

1. Virtual Bingo!

Nothing invokes a bit of chummy competitiveness like Bingo! A friendly game for all individuals, we created a personalised Bingo game board (see above) based on the template created by teambuilding.com to make it more interesting and engaging for the players! 

2. Virtual Happy Hour!

Virtual happy has become the new social norm and to keep it interesting, the happy folks at bustle.com have come up with interesting ways to keep the hour engaging!  Some of their suggestions are:

  • Never Have I Ever (Work Edition)
    Take the traditional social game and spin it into a work/quarantine version by asking questions like:
    • Never Have I Ever  worked all day in my pyjamas
    • Never Have I Ever has pressed send on an email without proof reading it
    • Never Have I Ever binged a whole season of a TV show in one weekend 
    • Never have I ever pretended my colleagues were an audience to my singing debut
  • Two Truths and a Lie
    Let's find out how well your colleagues know you with a this two truths and a lie game! Come up with two facts about yourself and and one fictional fact. See how well your colleagues know you by letting them figure out whether or not you’ve actually been busy being a pot plant parent, joining the baking cult or have been learning a new language you never got around to. 
  • Charades 
    Buddy up with your BFFL for a round of virtual charades. Use the Game Gal Generator to come up with different words and phrases to act out and adjust the difficulty level to spice up the game!

3.Virtual Trivia!

 Have some fun and get creative with virtual Trivia! There are no limits to the topics that you can dive into. You can go traditional and follow topical themes around music, sports and  history, or you can come up with your own iso-related or team-specific questions to add a personal touch to the game! 


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